PuttingZone - Optimal Putting: Brain Science, Instincts, and The Four Skills of Putting (Book)

Putting has long been regarded by golfers as the "black art" that defies explanation. Until now. Geoff Mangum has studied the art and science of putting more widely and deeply than anyone in the game. Although every putt requires four specific skills, conventional golf lore seldom covers anything other than the stroke. Until now. Venturing outside golf for answers to the simple questions posed by the four skills of putting, Geoff Mangum's two decades of research directed him away from "what the putter does" and instead to "what the golfer does" to put well consistently. The result is a revolutionary new way to apply optimal techniques for instinctive putting. Geoff Mangum's innovative "Mechanics of Instincts" is an integrated system of simple but lethally effective techniques that help beginners and seasoned pros alike reach new levels of constant competence while firing dramatically lower scores.

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