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Choose from a roster of world renowned Pro Tour Teachers to gain strategic insights, learn to have better control of your game, and pick up techniques on how to conquer difficult situations. Our instructors designed their lessons with your life in mind. Whether you have 15 minutes between trains or you are looking to improve your game before a tournament, these instructional videos are available on demand. The Online Academy of Golf has instructors and lesson that work around your schedule.

Our Top Coaches

Dana Dahlquist

Based out of beautiful Southern California, Dana Dahlquist works with the best of the best. Known world wide for his expertise in golf swing sequencing, Dana has worked with many top level PGA Tour players,, and LPGA players.

Dave Wedzik

Dave is a former and PGA Tour Player with over 500 professional tournaments under his belt. He is the owner of Golf Evolution and was named the 2013 Western New York PGA Section Teacher of the Year. His experience grinding it out on tour provides a vast knowledge base from which to draw scoring expertise.