Chipping - Golf Tips and Drills

The KEY to ONE PUTTING is the CHIP! As they say: Drive for show and putt for dough. This means learning to chip like a pro. So how do you improve your golf chipping game & immediately take strokes off your score? By keeping your chipping clean and simple you’ll be shaving strokes off your score for sure! The goal when chipping is to get the ball to travel the least amount of distance in the air and have it roll along the green. There is so much talk about driving the golf ball that many golfers forget about practicing the short game. This is a huge mistake. There are more strokes lost inside 100 yards than in any other part of your game! One of the fastest ways to shave strokes off the green and lower your score is to develop golf chipping drills that work. By watching these chipping drills you’ll learn how to develop your style, find the right equipment, strategize for any condition, master the mental game, build confidence, practice effectively, and execute proper chipping strokes. You’ll be Chipping Like a Golf Champ in no time…guaranteed!

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