Driving Lessons

You've heard the old saying: you drive for show and putt for dough? Well you've already lost that dough if you're struggling with your driver. Mark O'Meara likes to say, "My drive sets up the whole round for me." In this wonderful video, Mark and his personal coach Hank Haney (Named a Top 5 instructor in America by Golf Digest) cover all the do's and don'ts of driving the golf ball. As Hank works with Mark on driving, he is also giving a personal lesson to you.

Because the driver is the longest club in your bag, it's by far the most difficult to control. As the least lofted club it causes the greatest curvature of the gold ball. During these lessons, Mark and Hank address the three most common driver faults and how to correct them: the hook, slice and sky ball. Using proven techniques and easy-to-follow explanations, they also cover the keys to consistent driving.

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